Friday, April 24, 2009

Livestock, tractors and scenery!

Now what is it? -- The Pond, Our Pond, Marv's Pond, Pudget Sound and Whidbey Island?


Applying anhydrous

Coming in out of the rain!

Mrs. Goose who did not like her space invaded. Mr. Goose is there, too adding his 2 cents!

The fish in the garden pond!

One does have to wonder if I am getting anything done these days with the pictures I've been taking and the posts I've been making! How poetic and I didn't even plan that! Anyway here goes -- I've found out I have some 'little peeps' who like tractor videos and such so I'm trying to include that type of thing!

Some more spring time

Flowers we are enjoying -- even one 'sun button'

Have been glad to get yard work done and flower beds cleaned out! Always thrilling to see the new growth and anticpate a new season!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sights and sounds of spring

First spring flowers! Crocuses!

Out in the field but not standing!

Robins return and so did we!

Papa and Hannah
Papa and Nolan!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

new picture

How is this for a nice spring picture! When I get a spring farm picture will post that one in its place!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I see it has been over a month since I posted and don't really know what this post will be about. I don't have my pictures in this computer yet so can't post any of them from our time in Texas. Glad for some signs of spring - robins, crocuses, tractors in the fields! Some one suggested we must be like the robins - need 3 snows after returning in the spring! Today seemed to be the first day it felt like spring and everyone seems happy about that! Yesterday we got started with seeding so maybe now things will get rolling. I've also gotten started on cleaning flower beds.
We have had some Special Meeting privileges and worker visit - Carol W. and Curtis B. -- very special. All being well we should get another Special Meeting this coming Sunday.
Another project I have been working on is setting up my 'studio'! We have the mobile home behind our house - it was grandma's - empty again so decided I would convert it to a studio -- for fiber art! You can use your imagination on that and pretty much be right, probably! We really don't like having someone living there but didn't have much options but to have some one there the last year and a half. About an hour after we got home from Texas some 'friendly' fellows from ICE paid us a visit so that is why it is empty. That of course is a whole other story which I won't comment too much on here about. It kind of left us with a sad feeling and renewed appreciation for our own liberties. Anyway back to my studio! I'm hoping to have it as an area to work on my quilts and other projects like that and it will also have a bedroom so can use it also for guests if the occasion arises. Maybe I'll call it my 'cottage studio'!