Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our day together

Just a few pictures from our day together!

Who is the biggest now!
Playing with homemade play dough Auntie Sarah brought!

 Making a snowman with Uncle Theo.....before they were done they had the whole family!

Who we were all gathered....even Lexi!

 And Papa and Grandma, too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

change of scene

thought maybe us people up north would like a change of scene!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I think anyone in the mid-west reading this knows what we have been going through the last 24 hours or so....I just wanted any of my Texas or Florida friends who might happen by to get in on things. My Montana and Washington friends are getting their own version of a few things like this, too!
This is how it looked out the window most of the day.....

This I posted because maybe it was a little hard to see much beauty in the day...I thought it was kind of neat how the snow piled up on the dried sunflowers!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Flat Stanley

This little guy came to visit, too so will post a few things he saw!

Seeing what the chopper is all about!

Getting ready to combine soybeans!

Seeing what happens in the milking parlor!

And last but not least -- checking on the calves!


This couple recently had their 30th wedding anniversary -- greetings are a little belated but happy anniversary just the same!

Then and......

and now .. with a couple other special people!

Catch Up!

Well it has been a while since posting anything on here so will try and add a little something! Everyone else already has their hunting and Thanksgiving posts up but I'm afraid that is probably where this one will focus!

Shaun's buck - opening morning! Not bad!

Our Thanksgiving on Friday evening - plates loaded - ready to go!

Here we are -- all our desserts!

Wow! Mommy really can blow out the candles!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More about local residents

We had a crow nesting in the pine trees by the house this summer. The other day I was wondering what they were making such a fuss about. Upon investigation I found them harassing a young bald eagle. They had him flying in circles but also found them all in the pasture and got this clip! Guess they were all exercising their wings and voices and place!

Not sure this clip does justice to all the carrying on but you know how it goes once camera is in hand!


What... was it really doing this the other day?

but wait...what does the thermometer say??

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Its been too wet to get anything done outside so I've been working on 'projects' inside. I've gotten going on something if you would have asked me about I wouldn't have thought I would be doing... it is a project involving embroidery! Here I need to go back on the story. In my mil's things I found three 15" squares with embroidered baskets with flowers. I'm sure she meant them for pillows but I'm not 'in to' pillows, I'm 'in to' quilts. I figured I would use them in a quilt ... some day. Well I happened on to them again recently and decided to 'take up the project'. About the same time I was going through a draw (fyi -- I have pack rat syndrome so things get interesting) and found some transfer patterns that my aunt gave me. Now these have been around a while since she has been in the work 50+ yrs. and they were from before she went in the work (she gave them to me after she was in the work as I wasn't born yet when she went in). And I found some with baskets and flowers! An idea is forming....I'll do a few more blocks, the same size, and then it will become a quilt of contributions from my mil as well as from my family. Next -- find some material to use -- that wasn't hard either -- as I started looking through my 'supplies' -- so the 'project' is off and running. I'm not sure how many blocks I will do total but have three more done and starting on the next set of three. Here is what they look like...

All 6 of them together.

The three from my mil

and the three I've done so far.

And I find I'm quite enjoying the project!
I'm not sure how I will put it together but I'm sure I'll come up with something! Feel free to make suggestions!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This and that from here and there... mostly here!

Some recent scenes...

when summer was still with us...

falls colors joining us...

Hannah in the pumpkin patch....

 good, drinking chocolate milk with Uncle Will!


We'd rather have weather like this for harvesting...

than like this!

It seemed yesterday we had gone from fall to winter but maybe we'll have some fine fall days yet!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

grandkids and summer

I would be quite remiss if I updated my blog and didn't get anything on here with grandchildren in the pictures!

Eating sweet corn!

Hannah's birthday!

Have to get the frosting off the candles, you know!

How about a little horseshoe?


Here are some action shots!

These little guys really went after the sunflowers! I loved their song as they feasted away! Had to take the pictures through the window as every time I went out the door they flew away!

And here goes Farmer Marv out to get some more chopping done! Third crop hay for the season! Really nice stuff!

Summer giving way to fall

My blog is over due some comments again. We have had lots of special times this summer especially with our visitors.

Aunt Agnes with visitors from Minnesota
Matt & Linda K.

More of our winter Texan friends from Minnesota that we didn't see at Emo
Ralph & Louise H.

What is in these next two pictures, I maybe shouldn't call 'visitors' since maybe they are just as much residents as we are!

Any one looking for their 'prince charming'? Come check out my backyard pond!

These 2 come around fairly frequently and are quite bold. They were with in 50 to 100 ft. of some of our buildings when I took this and Farmer Marv was very near by in a skid steer!
When ever I see them, I 'stand in awe'. If I had been a little quicker with my camera, I could have gotten a video clip of them flying off!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Maybe nothing really so special about this but was the first time I captured a butterfly with the video setting!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer 2009

I want to add something to my blog again. Not sure if we had summer or not if just calculating it on the temperatures we've had. In one way the cooler temps have been nice but it hasn't made for good corn growing days!
We enjoyed having our niece here from Washington for a few days. We kept her hop scotching about the state to see all of us! We had some group pictures at Theo and Sarah's but the camera I had with me then decided to quite working so I'm trusting some of the others to post those pictures until I get copies!
Now in a little over a week Aunt Agnes will be with us again as she returns from Norway. Will be a special time!
Here are a few pictures and what from our doings from the last post.

Off to combine the wheat!

A few flowers and wild critters in my yard!

Nolan's birthday and fun with a pineta!

At the park with Helen, Hannah, Nolan and Tammy!

Tammy and I went for an excursion on the 'LaCrosse Queen'. Here are a couple pictures from then. Was an interesting ride and would go again! Would be fun to rent a house boat and do more extensive exploring on the river!

turtles basking in the sun!

Sorry all my little peeps I don't have much for action shots!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer get away!

We enjoyed having a trip again this summer. Seems with being gone for a few weeks in the winter we don't think as much about getting away in the summer. Maybe we are still catching up from being away then! Enjoyed being at convention and seeing lots of friends we have made in Texas in the winter. And of course, convention was special in itself.

Front: Arlene R., Bernice M.
Back: Marv & Minnie S., Bob & Alice R., Butch & Cindy M., Myrna & John E., Helen & Richard N.

Our ship has come in!

Heading out for some time on the Rainy River.

An island used by lots of sea gulls and cormorants for nesting. It was pretty much devoid of vegetation. Very noisy and didn't smell real good around there either!

Mermaid made about 75 years ago.

Waiting for the train! The bridge opened for us again after the train had passed.

There was a spectacular sun dog! This picture hardly does it justice!

Beautiful sunset. The international bridge. Looks a lot different then the one going in to Mexico!

Our friends condo.

End of a special day!