Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wyoming and such things

After getting home from Texas and sort of getting things back in order again...we had a trip to Wyoming....yes, Wyoming holds new interest for us and we'll likely get to know the road out there pretty well...good thing Farmer Marv is liking the idea of partial retirement!

So here are a few things from our time there....
 ...visiting Nolan at school during his lunch hour....

 Hannah and Mommy also there as well as little brother but he was busy crawling around!

 here is little brother sitting so nice in a chair!
 and with big sister!

Some one put in a request for a blanket....with sharks on here is what Grandma found!

this kept some young boys busy and one girl...sorry it is side ways...I couldn't figure out how to switch it!
We did enjoy the time there...saw lots....and got a little acquainted with the area....sure looking forward to our next visit!   And we are also looking forward to our visit with some other special people...little and big... soon!

This is the second time I've edited this post...hopefully I've got it all this time!  One of my new buddy's in Wyoming...