Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

A few pictures and videos from this last week and Memorial Day weekend!

Nolan on my Rock!

Hannah 'mothering' a kitten!

Uncle Will showing Hannah what to do with a 'Sun Button' gone to seed!

I better stop with this for now as a thunderstorm is coming in and I want to get the computer shut down ... so if any of my little 'peeps' are viewing this - I'll have some more action for you when I can get this edited! Bear with me!


It is time I'm getting some things posted here again so will start with the graduation of our niece
a week ago Friday. The pictures and videos are self explanatory, I think! We are proud of her and wish her the best!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some more spring things

We were glad the hard frost forecast for last night, this a.m. did not materialize for us! Now it sounds like frosts will be a thing of the past until fall... so the annuals that have been sitting on the deck can be planted and we can await their show! Field work has gotten done in a timely fashion also. We were remarking that this has been the best year in a long time for that. Alfalfa is growing nicely and likely we can start cutting by the end of the week or first of the next and hopefully weather will be nice for that task!
Other special things from the last few days is Aunt Agnes going to Norway for the summer. We are glad she can go as know her heart is there. We look forward to having her with us for a couple weeks on her return.

Here are some spring flowers from walks along the way!



The consensus in dairy animal husbandry these days is that you don't let the calf and cow stay together any longer than can be helped so these types of scenes aren't very commom. I've been watching for one to post so here goes! Farmer Marv also said it is a good thing she didn't need help since Anita B. wasn't here!

And along the way that day, I found these dancing tulips!


Two of Hannah's early career choices: Pet sitting and gardening!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Video clips!

Seems like my blog posting isn't complete without a video clip or two! First a little play time after lunch! Checking out the calves! Getting ready to do evening calf chores with Grandpa! And finally the calves getting what they have been looking for!

More about spring

Its been fun to have our grandchildren here for a few days! Some times we get a different perspective of things through their eyes and I love their enthusiasm about so many things! (I guess there are a few things that I don't love their enthusiasm about and one of those is throwing rocks in my pond!)

Here are a couple pictures!