Sunday, June 28, 2015


A lot has happened since my post of a when things have gone so long it is kind of hard to catch up but will see what I can do.  The farm has kept us busy in one way or another.  We decided to start looking for a place to live off the farm...something in 'the plan' but not much for action...we didn't find anything after looking at a number of places...then something came up not far from the farm and we were able to make a deal.  Farmer Marv as he is want to do had to get off to Texas after signing the papers on the place we were on our way in a couple hours...So we had our TX sojourn for another season...winter was wet this year there but definitely green!  And again the birds got all of our oranges but not all the grapefruit!  We didn't make any stops along the way to visit so journey didn't take quite so long.  That being said it sure was special to have Big Bro come down and see us!  Also his wife and one of his daughters....we hope they do that again!

On return to WI we went via WY...
got to be in on a little of the birthday celebration for this little man!
After getting back to WI it was time to tackle the 'moving project'....first we did some painting and other changes we wanted to this is what our new abode looks like from the outside!
After so many years on the farm, I didn't expect the moved to be so easy in an emotional since...we do like it and feel at home!  Still haven't gotten all the move made or sorting of 'precious junk' at the farm house....but we'll get it done eventually!
Seems the last months many dear ones have finished the race....we are glad for them but we miss them but glad for their examples!  One we especially miss is this man...
...lots of special memories....
Also this spring we had another 'Prince' added to our family...
..he is a little charmer!
And we had all six of them here!
It was special to have most of our family around part of the first half of are a few fun shots!

And away they all went again until next time!