Sunday, September 6, 2009

grandkids and summer

I would be quite remiss if I updated my blog and didn't get anything on here with grandchildren in the pictures!

Eating sweet corn!

Hannah's birthday!

Have to get the frosting off the candles, you know!

How about a little horseshoe?


Here are some action shots!

These little guys really went after the sunflowers! I loved their song as they feasted away! Had to take the pictures through the window as every time I went out the door they flew away!

And here goes Farmer Marv out to get some more chopping done! Third crop hay for the season! Really nice stuff!

Summer giving way to fall

My blog is over due some comments again. We have had lots of special times this summer especially with our visitors.

Aunt Agnes with visitors from Minnesota
Matt & Linda K.

More of our winter Texan friends from Minnesota that we didn't see at Emo
Ralph & Louise H.

What is in these next two pictures, I maybe shouldn't call 'visitors' since maybe they are just as much residents as we are!

Any one looking for their 'prince charming'? Come check out my backyard pond!

These 2 come around fairly frequently and are quite bold. They were with in 50 to 100 ft. of some of our buildings when I took this and Farmer Marv was very near by in a skid steer!
When ever I see them, I 'stand in awe'. If I had been a little quicker with my camera, I could have gotten a video clip of them flying off!