Sunday, October 27, 2013

new career!

I may get in trouble for this post but here goes!  Farmer Marv has taken up a new career....radish raising.  Here are a couple examples and a quiz...

....which did he grow in WI and which in TX?

Monday, October 14, 2013

...fall continues....maybe even some from late summer...

Want to post here again and hopefully what I want to go on here my computer will do for me!  There are advantages for those who are more techie than me...sigh...
We have had some beautiful fall days....lots of color in the trees but also lots of wind so leaves are falling, too.  (as well as pine needles!)...speaking of pine needles here is one little munchkin in them!

...the other one didn't seem to think it necessary to be in a picture!

....and here he is hard at work....helping the 'guys....

 ...helping Uncle Will move a board...

 ....holding nails for Uncle Will....

.....filling in sand around form...

...and was it ever my lucky day....I got to ride in Mr. Greens 'bullzabullza'!

...papa's helpers!...

Thursday, September 19, 2013


well....fall yes weather wise and one of my little princes took a fall and broke his wrist....just got a text from Mommy...he looks so sad!   Hopefully he doesn't get too slowed down by it! he is in happier moments...finally captured that kittie I've been looking for!
...big sister looking through the 'root'!
 ... some of by 'bountiful baskets from this summer...

....redoing the deck (well painting anyway) has been on the list for how many years now?? are a couple views of the new look....didn't know I was going to take on the project but once I   got going just kept at it....sure am enjoying it now!

....some of the 'homestead' harvest for the year.... juice...

....tomato soup!

...and harvest for the 'farmstead'...

...salad anyone??  Oh, that's right this is for the cows!  I was trying to put some video clips on here but wasn't successful...guess they were too long.  I'll try again with some when I have more time.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

summer....fading in to fall....

 Know it has been a long time since I got anything on here.  Summer has been busy and now the feeling of fall is showing itself...whether we are ready or not!...even a few maples have color in their leaves.

First I had the privilege of a ride to Wyoming and then was able to help Helen get ready for her trip back here...she and the children were here for about 3 weeks....lots of high energy then!

...on the way to WY....Missouri River at Chamberlain, SD....

...with my traveling companions....a stop at the Badlands in SD....much different than the Badlands of ND....

 .....went to Sunday a.m. meeting near here...Devils Tower, WY.....walked around the base before having lunch... you see the 2 climbers on here?....I think I prefer the base!

 Now maybe a few pictures of when Helen and munchkins were here!

 ....Papa and one of his 'sidekicks'...

...kittie would you like to come in?....

....Hannah  in the height of fashion....

....Uncle Will and is dynamic fireworks!
I had planned to add more pictures but it has gotten late as I was having some trouble getting this to post correctly so will do some more catching up another time!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring maybe got here...but...will we have summer

The rain continues...although temps have gone up a little....everything is green...except where water is standing...and that is quite a few places...mowing becomes interesting...getting stuck where there never has been a problem in years past...that goes for the fields, too.  Have decided to not try and get any more corn in ... about 30 acres short...just to hard to plant corn like this:

And then there where conditions that looked like this:

...kind of gave a feeling how people in OK and other states must feel...these pictures don't really do justice but having watched some video clips of storms...these clouds were doing the same thing only on a smaller scale and dissipated without anything major happening (except the warning siren :-)) some rain and a little hail out of it.
My camera has 'died' and I don't have it replaced yet.  Have taken some pictures on my phone I'd like to share but don't seem to be able to figure out how to get them downloaded to my computer...sigh.
Sorry for such a 'gray' post!  Maybe next time it will be more sunny!

Monday, May 13, 2013


We've been back from Texas for a while and then gone again...briefly....and we are still kind of wondering where spring is...little has been done in the started today some...Farmer Marv didn't come in real happy as had gotten stuck several times and then he was nicely sitting in the chair reading the paper and phone call came....'I have a flat tire....on a tractor...on the road' off he goes to help with it goes.  For myself....started first crop 'hay'....but had to be bundled up the wind was cold!  (and I had problems, too...stuck once, twice twine wrapped around the blades...don't they ever learn they can't through that stuff in the grass where it is going to be mowed.)

We had a good season in Texas...down there a little longer than any other year.  Lots of privileges and fellowship.  Good to stop at my brothers in Missouri on the way home.  Saw most of his family and our other niece that also lives there.   Got in on some snow after getting home....sigh....lots of people who stay the whole year in the state are pretty weary of it so I shouldn't be fussing!

Then we had some sad of our special winter Texan friends passed away....she just kind of collapsed with stroke symptoms and there was nothing that could be done...because we couldn't get in the field we were able to get to the funeral....may of our winter Texan friends were there and was good to see them all again but kind of bitter sweet, too.  Our friend was a jolly person, always telling some kind of funny story...we will miss think of her husband and the lonliness he is feeling.  That was in Minnesota and from there we went on out to Wyoming for a few days....special days there...needless to say.  Since we've been home from Texas we also lost a very fine middle aged man to cancer...he left a wonderful testimony but glad his suffering is over here.

Had a nice Mother's reading the comments on fb and seeing pictures....I really liked what one man posted saying happy mother's day to all that are mothers, wish they could be and those who adopted to become mothers...that last part especially touching because he is himself adopted.

some of my special things from Mother's day.....

And remembering this family of Marv's cousins...they lost their sister, Corann this spring, too...we certainly have been reminded this spring of this verse ... Ecc. 7:2

This has gotten kind of chatty ...wish I was better at this stuff...don't have much for pictures as camera is broken...need to shop for a new one....but at least a little up date.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


had to update the header photo to apply better to where we are just now!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

princes and princesses

Had to add a few of these

 I love pie!

 With Auntie Agnes!

 Yummy! it was good!

And here is my 'sprinkle' Princess!

Texas time again...

We've been at our Texas abode for almost 3 weeks now....doesn't seem like it can be but the days do slip by....we are enjoying the time here...with special friends...and the is hard to remember it is January.  We headed out of Wisconsin after Zoie's third birthday...was hard to leave them and sure miss them...especially when I get a phone call like this 'Grandma, what are you doing in Texas'.
Have some pictures on my phone but not having too much luck getting them in to my computer....
but here is one of Farmer Marv and what he's up too.... how about a ride on the beach???
...doesn't look like getting his first social security check is setting him back too much!
 these are from his surprise 66th. birthday celebration...
Glen and Lowell enjoying the ice cream!

I guess I do need to back up a little and share our last special times of 2012, too.  We enjoyed getting to Wyoming over Thanksgiving...glad weather was good for traveling... included a quick trip to Billings to see special ones.

...and a little for Helen's birthday...Hannah and I made cupcakes!
...and now we are well in to the new year ....  hope it is good for all!