Monday, September 13, 2010

First day of school

I don't have a picture to go with this....just pictures in my mind and special feelings in my heart....we have just had our convention....and I must say I have come home with the most peace in my heart that I ever have from a the meeting Wednesday night it was brought out that we were at the first day of a new school year....a few natural illustrations given..(the one speaking had actually gone to a one room school her early years....and she's not that old...same age as Farmer Marv to be exact)...we don't start with the last lesson and expect to be able to understand it....we learn our ABC's and our 1-2-3 and build on them year by year....and they are then used in many thousands of different ways in we learn in God's way....our ABC's, our 1-2-3's...reviewing and adding to our knowledge...and using them in experiences as we go through life.
The days together were special and again saw clearly there is not lack in our Heavenly Father's storehouse.

So this is my post for today....I do enjoy lots of other blogs and glad for all the special things other people things, funny things, happy things, sad things, serious things....seems I often learn so much from others and glad for that....