Monday, December 29, 2008

Company and such

This post has a little of what we have been doing lately. Enjoyed having Shaun & Helen and family as well as their visitors from Louisiana up on Friday. One of the things we did was have cake for Shaun's birthday. I guess Shaun had a sore throat as he wasn't able to sing with his usual harmony for the occasion -- we missed it! Hopefully he gets over his sore throat quickly!
The next post shows some of the outside activities! The kids (of all ages!) were having a good time!
Also will add here that we got to a winter Special Meeting Sunday -- ours last Sunday was cancelled. This way we got to see more workers!

Building a snowman....

....need I say more!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter wonderland....

Yes, it is a winter wonderland and we wonder..... Our weather prohibited us from getting our winter special meeting yesterday -- it was cancelled. Since we are kind of out where 'fields come together' there are actually a couple closer than the one we would have gone to so maybe we can get one of those! Glad we had our visit last Wednesday and Thursday so didn't miss that, too. Come to think of it out of the last 4 years only once have we gotten both our visit and meeting!

The pictures are of a sunrise and sunset the same day - they were kind of pretty. Guess with less day light hours you some times are more aware of them. Now to be positive, we are now starting in to our days of more sunlight! Today maybe only 1/2 a minute and tomorrow a whole minute but it is coming!

And a couple video clips from yesterday:
To my little 'peeps': Some tractor action
To Linda D. an apology: Wind chimes : )
To Anita B.: if you look close you can see the Oliver symbol
To Becky Z.: Marv getting his exercise!

This shows a little of our snow cover! Not as impressive as some!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I don't have any pictures with this one again -- I'll only post a snow picture when it can be more impressive with snow than some of my relatives in one of them there western states! They have promised to send it our way so maybe by the end of the weekend we'll have something to show!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Since we seem to be in winter mode now, I decided I better up date the blog picture! Although this one is even dated as we now have more snow than what we had here!

Lefse weekend

Here we are at the 'lefse weekend'. Since I've already gotten inquires as to how it went I thought I better get some pictures posted and maybe even get it done before Sarah does any posting! We also made cut out cookies before the lefse but guess we didn't get any pictures of that - either the making or eating process! We did enjoy the time and there even a few cookies and lefse left over by the end of the weekend.

Here are a couple video clips -- interesting background conversation!

Eating lefse!

Playing some kind of German card game -- the objective? To be the Great Kahoonie and not the Lesser Peon -- or something to that idea. Wonder if things are going well for Sarah??

Thursday, December 4, 2008

to Minneapolis

This post won't have any pictures just a little up date on 'current events'! We went to Minnepolis yesterday for a dairy meeting. It is sponsored by the feed company we do business with and we go every year -- for the most part. We rode a bus with others going -- kind of nice to leave the driving to another especially this time of year when you never know what the weather will be like and traffic 'up that way' is a little different than Humbird! : )
The last few years they have added a little something to the agenda for 'spouses' -- and this means 'wife spouses' really!! This year it was going out to lunch at a restaurant on a lake front - the lake being frozen, of course this time of the year! It really was a nice setting and would be beautiful in the summer. From there on to Bonnie Mohr's studio for a tour and shopping. She has her establishment on their farm - which is still operating also - 90 cows - and they also have 5 children still all at home. Midwesterns might be familiar with her work - a lot of holstein cows. She really has become quite successful with her painting. She quit going to the barn after baby number 3! She is one of these very enthusiastic people with lots of energy - wish I could have brought some of that home along with the print purchases I made! : ) It really was quite interesting and I'm glad I went but kind of sorry for at least one of the parts of the meeting I missed. That was a speaker who talked about global warming and whether it is a myth or not -- seems -- well maybe I better not say much about it here!! The meetings were over a little before noon today so it was on the bus and home again except ... when the bus was about 3/4 loaded it became apparent something was wrong with the engine -- hummm glad it happened there and not on the freeway somewhere. So we sat for a while, while the driver figured out what to do. Another bus was found to come get us and a machinic found to come for the broken down bus. So an hour and a half later we were finally on our way home! With no further mishap!
Tomorrow we hope to go to Theo and Sarah's -- one of the projects for the weekend is make lefse! Sounds hmm good!