Saturday, January 26, 2013

princes and princesses

Had to add a few of these

 I love pie!

 With Auntie Agnes!

 Yummy! it was good!

And here is my 'sprinkle' Princess!

Texas time again...

We've been at our Texas abode for almost 3 weeks now....doesn't seem like it can be but the days do slip by....we are enjoying the time here...with special friends...and the is hard to remember it is January.  We headed out of Wisconsin after Zoie's third birthday...was hard to leave them and sure miss them...especially when I get a phone call like this 'Grandma, what are you doing in Texas'.
Have some pictures on my phone but not having too much luck getting them in to my computer....
but here is one of Farmer Marv and what he's up too.... how about a ride on the beach???
...doesn't look like getting his first social security check is setting him back too much!
 these are from his surprise 66th. birthday celebration...
Glen and Lowell enjoying the ice cream!

I guess I do need to back up a little and share our last special times of 2012, too.  We enjoyed getting to Wyoming over Thanksgiving...glad weather was good for traveling... included a quick trip to Billings to see special ones.

...and a little for Helen's birthday...Hannah and I made cupcakes!
...and now we are well in to the new year ....  hope it is good for all!