Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update #8

It is past time I was putting an update here. Time does go quickly and we still keep busy here and the weather stays beautiful! Today we had a potluck for all the friends and workers in the area for Special Meeting. Tomorrow is the meeting for this part - 4 and 7 p.m. Thursday we have lunch in our park -- us 3 couples and another lady from Iowa -- with 2 workers. Look forward to that. Don't really know many of the workers this way so nice to have this time with them.
Guess we won't be getting the canoe trip as it is booked until March 4 and by then most will be gone home from here. We were going to bike one day but amazingly that didn't happen because of rain!
The citrus trees are starting to bloom so the fragrance of the blossoms waifs through the air! It can be strong so people with allergies aren't always so excited about it. Just kind of an interesting experience when you live for most of your life where citrus trees don't stand a chance!
We probably have about another week here before heading north. Haven't really planned our journey but will like have a couple stops along the way.
All for this time

Friday, February 6, 2009

Update #7

Here is another update sorry again no pictures. Some times I can get my laptop to work and sometimes not and when I have time to do an update it won't work!
We were suppose to go canoeing today as the first time was cancelled because of wind and the same happened today.
We are keeping busy with others doing a variety of things and Marv is even getting in to golfing. Yes, I know, that one is a surprise. His first time around one of the 4 was an 88 year old man, nearly blind and he out golfed them all! Today will be time 2 for him! I've not ventured in to it yet, but I was invited! We may get some biking done today, too.
The saddest thing down here - seeing the wall getting built between our country and the one to the south. Marv was up close to it yesterday and took some pictures -- My opinion(for what it is worth) -- there must be a better way.
I have about 6 minutes of computer time left so better sign off. Weather is great here! except wind!