Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birthday time

Had this weekend at Theo and Sarah's...and almost all the family...Shaun was missing as he  had a flu bug...we missed him....especially his singing for the birthdays we celebrated!  Our little princess, Zoie turned one and Papa Marv had another birthday as well...and we got enough to eat...sigh!

 with Mommy and cake damage yet!
 oh this birthday cake is great fun!
 with my grandpas and grandmas!
 on my chair!

Happy Birthday, Papa!

December 2010

We had a first in December....a cruise....was seven days and we were with a group of friends that totaled 19...unfortunately I didn't get a group picture of all of us but maybe can include a few on pictures here...we left ahead of a BIG storm in of those kind that could be classified as a 'storm of the century'...that being said we did get a touch of it as had rather high seas one night and part of a day...a few didn't handle that so well....and it was part of the same storm system that had come through Wisconsin.  We had four stops and 2 days at sea...the stops were...Key West, Grand Cayman Island, Cozumel and Castaway Island

 leaving Port Canaveral

our ship docked at Key West...our first stop
our stateroom
this was the high seas we had....they would occasionally hit our porthole!

our table on the formal dress night dinner
 another couple
and another

 and another
 and another....think every one is on there somewhere!

 didn't know Farmer Marv had a secret career on Grand's proof!
 some of our friends who met our ship on Grand Cayman and arranged for us to have a bus tour of the island...a special highlight for sure!
 and then there was 'fun night' for dinner!
 Some of the Mayan ruins we saw on Cozumel...very interesting
 and of course, a picture with Minnie....she came for breakfast with us one day!
as did Mickey!
 the last night of sailing...smooth seas and sunset!

So now we are experienced 'cruisers'!... not sure when or where we will do it again but did enjoy a good time and experience for now!