Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary August 1 to this special couple!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pipgras Reunion

It was very special to have a lot of the Pipgras family come to our place one afternoon during their reunion and have a potluck supper with us.  They have a reunion every 5 years and this time it was in Wisconsin.  The children who were here really enjoyed the farm...not an experience they get every day!  Some of the adults probably don't either!  Here are a few pictures from the evening...

 Back row: Nancy B., Tom P, Marv S., Dave S. Terry P, Melvin P. Frankie P. and Corann P.....the cousins..
Front row: Jim B., Lyn P., Minnie S., Leona P., Rudonna P. Sue S. and Ann S......the spouses!

 this one Dave S. isn't quite so behind the tiki torch!...just the cousins this time!

Just added a few casual pictures!

More from summer 2010

Corn and beans
      The saying is this: Knee high corn by the 4th. of July should be a good crop....this is what our corn looked like on the 4th.

And the beans....not on the 4th. but looking pretty nice...

Did you ever wonder where the pretty color named 'thistle' in the Crayola box came from?...well here it is:
It is a pretty flower but a nasty weed!

and this is where 'cornflower blue' comes from

We've had a lot of rain this year....but it has produced an abundance of pretty flowers and foliage...
 Come sit a spell.....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer 2010

I need to be adding something to this blog....hardly seems that we should be in the last week of July....summer is slipping by quickly again!  We have had lot of things going on so I guess that is why it goes quickly.  We helped Will and Becky some getting moved and settled in to their place....glad to have them near by!

Then in June I enjoyed a trip to Washington and Montana....saw lots of special are a few pictures...

Here I am with my sisters, Karen & Mabel and our friend, Gladys....our families have been special friends 70+ years....needless to say any time we have together is indeed special.

                                          With Auntie Agnes at Ronan

                        More special friends at Ronan...Julia B., Leona P., Herb B., Linda B. and Gladys M.
                                             With my special friend, Julia

                                          I'd be remiss if I didn't show some of the mountains....