Friday, June 19, 2009

Musings of the spring and summer

Spring and summer have been going well. Maybe a little on the cool side but that isn't all bad when it comes to the flowers. I think this year the irises and lupines have been the prettiest in a long time. Lots of blooms before we got some rain and wind to tip them on their sides! But of course we are getting in to summer and need the warm to make things grow! Glad we have gotten rain but do feel for those who aren't getting rains. One certainly becomes aware of the value of water!

Recently I was 'blog hopping' and seemed that many of those I visited had something about graduations. I really liked this thought shared in more than one - how fine the young people are these days and what it means to us. I just felt that was a wonderful testimony to be able to enter in to. The blogs that I was looking at were scattered across our country! "In Christ there is no east or west....."

Interesting things the last couple days: Bald Eagle in the field across the road; Bobwhite whistling by our window about 6 a.m.! He's been around all summer but that was the earliest I've heard him. (It has to be a he with a name like that, right?)

Now I'll close this one with a video from one recent evening. We were having a beautiful sunset and the flag was gentle waving so tried to 'capture' it. The pictures hardly do it justice but will share anyway.

Hope all are having a good summer.


I need to post again and get some of those action things up for the little peeps like I promised!

These next videos are from first crop hay this year.

Dumpbox truck

Off with the tractor and chopper!

Packing the bunker!