Saturday, February 13, 2010

Texas 2010

Thought maybe I should get some things on here about what we have been doing while in Texas.  Weather hasn't been the warmest and there has been precipitation but not the kind you have to shovel!  We do think of those who have to do the shoveling...wish you could be here!  But then we know someone has to stay home and keep things in order!
A few of us went on a bike hike....

we weren't on our bikes here!


and we made it back...

What we saw when we were at Port Mansfield..


Papa trying his hand at fishing!

we saw several of these near Ports Manfield also, we think they are Nilgai a species brought in from India and now a nuisance.  It seemed to us that the Mansfield area would be mecca for hunters and fishermen!