Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring maybe got here...but...will we have summer

The rain continues...although temps have gone up a little....everything is green...except where water is standing...and that is quite a few places...mowing becomes interesting...getting stuck where there never has been a problem in years past...that goes for the fields, too.  Have decided to not try and get any more corn in ... about 30 acres short...just to hard to plant corn like this:

And then there where conditions that looked like this:

...kind of gave a feeling how people in OK and other states must feel...these pictures don't really do justice but having watched some video clips of storms...these clouds were doing the same thing only on a smaller scale and dissipated without anything major happening (except the warning siren :-))...got some rain and a little hail out of it.
My camera has 'died' and I don't have it replaced yet.  Have taken some pictures on my phone I'd like to share but don't seem to be able to figure out how to get them downloaded to my computer...sigh.
Sorry for such a 'gray' post!  Maybe next time it will be more sunny!