Sunday, October 3, 2010


Was special to have all the family home this weekend...didn't do just with my camera was also fun to have other company ... one of them being Helen's friend from growing up years and her family .... as well as another family from our meeting...lots of reminiscing going on!  Lots of apple juice also got made...and it good!  Zoie kept three of us adults pretty much at bay getting smiles out of her when we were trying to take pictures of her...I will post a some here that are kind of prejudice on my part, of course!  Sorry I didn't get much of the other 2 grandchildren.  Everyone is also remarking on how pretty the fall colors are right now...and a sunny day made them really stand out!

Serious business...this tractor driving!

some of grandma's flowers!

and my load of pumpkins!