Friday, March 13, 2009


Will add a note today to let you know we are home again. We got home Tuesday morning after having the evening and night with Shaun & Helen. Was special to see them and Nolan and Hannah again. Hopefully won't be long before we see the rest of our family, too.
We left the valley last Wednesday after the 2 p.m. Bible Study and eating out with everyone! We drove a couple hours before stopping for the night and the next day on to College Station for the evening and night with our son-in-law's family there. The next day was a long drive to Dan & Marie's in central Missouri. It was special to have the weekend there and see most of our relatives that live in Missouri. We left there Monday a.m.
Weather had a different 'flavor' after a cold front came through Sunday a.m. After that we needed jackets! And we've needed them since coming home, too!! It is amazing how quickly the weather changes but maybe just as amazing how quickly we adapt back in to it again, too! At least we are having more daylight and that suggest spring even if maybe the temperatures don't!
Enough for today!