Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer get away!

We enjoyed having a trip again this summer. Seems with being gone for a few weeks in the winter we don't think as much about getting away in the summer. Maybe we are still catching up from being away then! Enjoyed being at convention and seeing lots of friends we have made in Texas in the winter. And of course, convention was special in itself.

Front: Arlene R., Bernice M.
Back: Marv & Minnie S., Bob & Alice R., Butch & Cindy M., Myrna & John E., Helen & Richard N.

Our ship has come in!

Heading out for some time on the Rainy River.

An island used by lots of sea gulls and cormorants for nesting. It was pretty much devoid of vegetation. Very noisy and didn't smell real good around there either!

Mermaid made about 75 years ago.

Waiting for the train! The bridge opened for us again after the train had passed.

There was a spectacular sun dog! This picture hardly does it justice!

Beautiful sunset. The international bridge. Looks a lot different then the one going in to Mexico!

Our friends condo.

End of a special day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer time away

I'll just post this tonight. I need to post pictures, too and hopefully will get at that before long. We just got back from a special week away. We were at Emo Convention. Our last time there was 26 years ago! We have made friends with a couple from that area who we see in the winter in Texas. They invited us to stay with them - which we accepted! We helped with clean up on Monday a.m. and in the p.m. got a lunch together and headed out on Rainy Lake in their pontoon boat! It was special! We left there a little after noon today arriving home this evening! More another time!