Saturday, October 24, 2009

More about local residents

We had a crow nesting in the pine trees by the house this summer. The other day I was wondering what they were making such a fuss about. Upon investigation I found them harassing a young bald eagle. They had him flying in circles but also found them all in the pasture and got this clip! Guess they were all exercising their wings and voices and place!

Not sure this clip does justice to all the carrying on but you know how it goes once camera is in hand!


What... was it really doing this the other day?

but wait...what does the thermometer say??

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Its been too wet to get anything done outside so I've been working on 'projects' inside. I've gotten going on something if you would have asked me about I wouldn't have thought I would be doing... it is a project involving embroidery! Here I need to go back on the story. In my mil's things I found three 15" squares with embroidered baskets with flowers. I'm sure she meant them for pillows but I'm not 'in to' pillows, I'm 'in to' quilts. I figured I would use them in a quilt ... some day. Well I happened on to them again recently and decided to 'take up the project'. About the same time I was going through a draw (fyi -- I have pack rat syndrome so things get interesting) and found some transfer patterns that my aunt gave me. Now these have been around a while since she has been in the work 50+ yrs. and they were from before she went in the work (she gave them to me after she was in the work as I wasn't born yet when she went in). And I found some with baskets and flowers! An idea is forming....I'll do a few more blocks, the same size, and then it will become a quilt of contributions from my mil as well as from my family. Next -- find some material to use -- that wasn't hard either -- as I started looking through my 'supplies' -- so the 'project' is off and running. I'm not sure how many blocks I will do total but have three more done and starting on the next set of three. Here is what they look like...

All 6 of them together.

The three from my mil

and the three I've done so far.

And I find I'm quite enjoying the project!
I'm not sure how I will put it together but I'm sure I'll come up with something! Feel free to make suggestions!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This and that from here and there... mostly here!

Some recent scenes...

when summer was still with us...

falls colors joining us...

Hannah in the pumpkin patch....

 good, drinking chocolate milk with Uncle Will!


We'd rather have weather like this for harvesting...

than like this!

It seemed yesterday we had gone from fall to winter but maybe we'll have some fine fall days yet!